Boho Chic Style, Designer Purses And Sunny Days

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Designer purses and Boho Chic

A friend of mine asked me the other day what exactly is Boho Chic style and how to wear it. And the most important, if this style is for all ages. I know I may sound like a shrink but it doesn’t matter how old are you, if you feel young. There are some rules to follow to get this style right, but it has nothing to do with age.

We have to thank Sienna Mille for Boho Chic trend; she was the first one to merge hippie influences and bohemian glamour into a worldwide trend. Boho Chic can be “translated” as earthy tones with bright and powerful colors, like orange, magenta, green and if you are a bold you can even try turquoise. Flowery skirts and shirts, paisley pants, ethnic dresses or any other association between elegant and ultra-casual pieces is a perfect fit.

Replica Gucci Marrakech Medium

Gucci Replica Duilio Brogue

Replica Gucci Eva Medium Hobo

Shoes and designer purses: from sandals, espadrilles, moccasins or a pair of suede booties, all is permitted. As for designer purses, you can play with a lot of colors and materials. Flowery cotton purses or even a handmade vintage bag will do the trick. But suede and leather bags, like these Gucci purses are at the top of the list. You can see more detailed photos of these Gucci bags here.

This style doesn’t necessarily mean baggy clothes. You can’t take it to work if you’re a business woman but you can choose one article, like a blouse or trousers and it’s still called Boho Chic. And this style is perfect for spring and summer.

What do you think? Does this style inspire your?

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Gucci Replica Handbags: The Vintage Boston Bag Is As New As Ever

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Some designer labels like Gucci will never go out of fashion, no matter what they design and how many times they reinvent the same model. Even though the Gucci Boston bag was released in the ‘70s, even now there is a high demand for this model, especially for Gucci replica handbags.
The Gucci Boston bag has many versions and it’s available in many colors but the one I like most is the Vintage Boston. These Gucci replica handbags can be worn as everyday purse, especially if you have errands or you can pack up light and go on a short holiday.
Gucci Replica Handbag 

Replica handbags are hotter these days and I think that’s a very good thing. It doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you feel good about yourself and you wear it with style. Of course authentic Gucci handbags are beautiful but why pay the huge price when you can get the same thing at a fraction of price. No matter the designer label, replica handbags are beautiful and they made to last a few years. You can stress out about the dress, the coat, the hair and makeup but not about replica handbags and why not, replica shoes.
Here is a short video about the amazing Gucci Vintage Boston replica bags and if you are convince this is the “IT” bag you, you can find it here.

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Embellish Your Prom Dress With Gucci Purses

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Black Dress

“Dear Isa,

Can you please give me a hand? 
I’m looking for some small clutches or cross-body designer purses. My prom is in a few weeks and I have no idea what to choose. My custom made gown is ready and I have two pair of shoes, high heels and flats, cause I wanna dance all night. Can you please make a short list for me?

Kisses and hugs,

My dear Ana,

Since you never told me the color of your dress or the shoes I’m going to do my best and make a list of the most classic but modern designer purses I would wear myself. The two Gucci purses I picked out are fabulous and they are available in different colors.

Replica Gucci Broadway Purse

Replica Gucci 1973 Purse

The Gucci Broadway evening clutch can be matched with a red, black or any other color you want, except nude or pink, because you can look faded. The second purse, the Gucci 1973 purse it’s more formal and the golden chain and logo adds a sophisticated touch. Like I previously said, these Gucci purses have two or three color variations and you can find them here.

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My Christmas Wish List is Full Of Designer Purses, What’s On Yours?

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Christmas Wish List

I don’t know about you girls, but I always knew exactly what I wanted for my birthday or for Christmas, and this year is no different. I made my wish list a couple of weeks ago and I sent it to my special one. Now, the hard part is the Christmas gifts for the ones I love but this year a friend of mine helped me with a few advices and everything will turn out great.

Last year I made the biggest mistake ever… I bought all the presents, mostly designer purses, on Christmas Eve and I cannot describe it, it was chaotic. Anyways, this year, I took my friend Ashley advice to shop online for any Gucci purses I might want. She also shared her most trusted website and here is what I picked up.

The first designer purses on my list were the Gucci Duilio Brogue Top Handle and the Gucci Duilio Brogue Hobo. No matter which one you’ll choose, these Gucci purses are the best handbags for this winter.

Replica Gucci Duilio Brogue Tan Leather Top Handle

Replica Gucci Duilio Brogue Tan Leather Hobo

Replica Gucci Ribot Horse Head Black Croc



Next on my list was a small Gucci purse so I picked up the Gucci Ribot Horse Head Black Croc leather purse. I absolutely love it.

I must admit, I like the Gucci top handle the most, it’s the most practical and I even got a big discount for all of them. You can find them here.

So girls, what’s on your Christmas wish list?

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Fabulous Style Of The Week: Cute Capes And Matching Gucci Purses

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Cute Capes And Matching Gucci Replica Purses

When it comes to fashion and new trends, the best motto one can live by is “never say never”. I’ve learn it a while ago, while I was in high school, and I first took interest in designer brands. Nothing is too old or too crazy to be worn and you should always play with clothes, no matter the age. And I’m not talking only about clothes; you should keep up with the trends when it comes to handbags, shoes and accessories too.

This fall’s most wearable trend are capes. I know the first thing that comes in your mind is Superman or another hero but I can assure you, this is not the case. There are plenty of capes out there that deserve better and today I’m going to teach you how you can wear one in style.

Wearing a cape might have some disadvantages, because they make your waist wider but if you choose a belt within the same style and texture as the cape, you’ll define the waist line and create a good proportion. A cape is also baggy so it’s better to wear skinny jeans or pencil skirts and paired with high heels boots, your look will be very dynamic.

As for the handbags, well there are many to be said here but I’ll stick with some Gucci purses and Marc Jacobs handbags. The first purse I want to present you is the Gucci Duilio Brogue Boston bag. This bag comes in three more colors but this burgundy one is perfect for this fall. My second choice is the Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal purse. This black cross body bag is even more versatile and it brings a youthful touch to any outfit.

Replica Gucci Duilio Brogue Boston Handbag

Replica Marc Jacobs Petal To The Metal Handbag

These Gucci purses and Marc Jacobs handbags presented above can be fund here, over at Club Couture. So what do you think girls? Would you wear a cape? How would you style it?

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Designer Purses: Three Totally Terrific Totes For Summer

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Replica Totes For Summer

Most of the year I like to go with small designer purses or clutches, but when summer rolls around I think bigger is better! A big roomy tote just lets you pack more into summer, whether it’s at the beach, shopping downtown or catching some sun at the park. Here are three lovely totes that have caught my eye lately.

The Prada Top Handles and Front Pockets Tote

Replica Prada Top Handles Front Pockets White Tote Bag

These striking Prada purses have so much going for them; I don’t know where to begin! I love their unique shape, thin and sleek, and the way they taper shut at the top. The most memorable thing about these Prada purses though are the amazing front pockets and the unique contours they create. Oh, and depending on how you’d like to wear this bag, the shoulder strap can be detached.

The Gucci Boston Bag with Red Vintage Web

Replica Gucci Medium Boston Red Vintage Web

For something a little roomier, let me introduce you to these lovely Gucci Boston designer handbags with red web detail. A nice splash of color is just what this classic bag needs to stay fresh, and its colorful spirit extends to the trim at the sides as well as the rounded leather cowhide handles. It’s a perfect bag to tuck away your beach towel and a good book.

The Louis Vuitton White Murakami Alma MM

Replica LV White Murakami Alma MM

Inspired by the colorful and playful themes of modern Japanese fashion houses, the Murakami Alma takes some delightful liberties with LV’s classic monogram, creating something altogether new. Other adjustments include the charming exterior pocket and its beige leather strap and a row of studs along the leather trim at the bottom. This bag unzips all the way to the base, so it’s easy to get at your things whenever you need them.

If your favorite tote failed to make the list, don’t hesitate to let me know! You can find these three beauties in here, at PV.

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