Fake Bags Found On Designer Resale Sites: A Harsh Reality

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The most concerning thing is that people found fake bags even on some of the sites that offer an authenticity guarantee. So you think that you’re safe because an expert has already checked that designer item you want to buy, but in reality it’s not like that. Other designer resale sites don’t even have that authenticity guarantee, so if you discover that you’ve been scammed, you’re basically on your own.

I know that some people are completely against replica bags, that they would never wear them and also judge those who do. But imagine how terrible it must feel to buy a bag, think it’s authentic and then discover it’s actually just a ridiculously expensive knockoff! Well, many people have experienced this and I have to tell you, these people who sell their fake bags as real are the worst kind of scammers. If you are not extremely careful, you can end up paying thousands of dollars on a replica bag. It’s always awful to get scammed, but it’s even worse when so much money is at stake.

There are plenty of comments from people who got scammed and also threads on the subject, so it’s a well-known fact. I’m not writing this based on suppositions. And I’ve actually seen fake bags on some of these fashion resale sites myself. And I’m sure that there are also people who bought replica handbags from these sites but just never realized it. So it’s not just eBay, ladies! Fake bags can also be found on other famous sites that sell used luxury designer handbags. These scammers have spread everywhere!

The bad news is that all of these sites are very famous and popular, so one would expect them to be completely safe and reliable. But it’s not enough for the site to be reliable if the sellers allowed on them are not. I mean, who hasn’t heard of Vestiare Collective, Yoogi’s Closet, Tradesy or Fashionphile? And the list is much longer. Let’s take them one by one and see if any fake bags have been reported on these designer resale sites.

So just like someone said in a post on eBay, 100% authentic bags can sometimes be 100% fake! Whoever is judging us for buying fake designer bags should really think again. What’s better: buying a replica bag that is advertised and priced as a replica or buying a fake bag that is being advertised as a real one? I think the answer is quite clear. Dishnoest is what makes a common ground and that’s why I think that people who sell fake bags as if they were real are actually much worse. I’m not saying that replica bags are an honest deal, but at least they are much better than designer bags being sold as fake.

I’m not saying that all these people who are selling fake bags actually know they are selling fakes. Maybe some of them actually don’t. But when you’re not completely sure that your bag is authentic and want to sell it, you should have it authenticated first. If the bag is a pre-loved and doesn’t come with a box, the authenticity cards or a receipt, that should get you thinking.

I’ve also noticed that many people will read my guides on how to spot fake bags for different brands and still not see obvious flaws. I think there are more reasons for that. Maybe people will see what they want to see. For example, you’re more inclined to find flaws if you see the bag on a replica site and not notice the flaws if you think the bag is authentic. The thought of buying authentic pre-owned designer handbags gives you a feeling of certainty, which is the reason why you are less careful. And this is how you can lose thousands of dollars without even knowing it.

So here are some of the fashion resale sites that were reported for selling fake bags:

Fake Bags On US Designer Resale Sites

The worst thing about some of these sites is that they claim they offer an authenticity guarantee, which is a lie. It’s just too easy for scammers to sell their fake bags on these sites and their so-called authentication experts are clearly not doing a very good job at it! Because let me tell you this, some of the counterfeit bags I’ve found on these sites are very obvious fakes. Which is even worse.

Fashionphile – According to them, each pre-owned luxury item on their site is previously checked by two experts. But trust me that I’ve spotted fake bags on Fashionphile more than once. Also, if you decide to return an item, you will be charged 10% of the price of the item (a lot, I know).

Tradesy – Yup, people saw fake bags on Tradesy as well. The good thing is that they always remove an item as soon as it is reported as fake. Also, they have a money-back guarantee if it turns out the item you purchased is not authentic and they are very easy to contact (email, chat and phone). So this is still a reliable site for pre-loved luxury handbags. Many say that it’s better than eBay and Poshmark.

Vaunte – Originally this site accepted items mostly from socialites but now anyone can post their items on the site, so in no way is this site safer than eBay, for example. Also, they don’t even have a phone number, which is simply not acceptable for a professional business.

Bluefly – It’s really important to know that the designer handbags sold through this site are not returnable! Other items marked with FINAL SALE are also non-returnable unless something else is specified in the item’s details. So even if you find out the bag you bought is fake, you are stuck with it. They are not authorized dealers from the brands and they’ve sold fakes before, so I would strongly recommend you to stay away from this site unless you are 100% sure the bag is real. I’m sure they sold fake bags unintentionally but I still wouldn’t recommend buying pre-loved designer bags from this site since you can’t return the bag no matter what.

Beyond the Rack has also been reported to sell fake bags in the past. Gucci filed a counterfeit lawsuit against this members-only shopping site just this year, accusing them of selling counterfeit handbags that were falsely presented as genuine Gucci products.

The Real Real – This is one of the designer resale sites that makes a very big deal out of their authenticity policy. According to them, they have trained staff and in-house professionals who work to ensure that every item sold on their site is 100% authentic. And even so, it seems that they aren’t 100% counterfeit-proof either. People found multiple obvious fake Herve Leger dresses on The RealReal, but also fake Hermes bracelets. Apparently, they will not acknowledge the item is fake but will offer a refund.

Poshmark – Someone else already had the perfect comment about this site: “While Poshmark gave a response saying they do not tolerate counterfeits or illegal items, there’s been plenty I’ve seen thus far. I’d still be careful shopping on Poshmark. Not too different from eBay”. Still, they introduced a report function on the site which I think is a great improvement. But remember that you are buying from individuals just like on eBay or Etsy, so you need to be careful.

Bag borrow or steal –People spotted fake bags even here. “But how can that be possible when they offer 100% authenticity guarantee and the price is so high?” Well, it happened.

Counterfeit Bags On European Designer Resale Sites

Vestiaire Collective – This is one of the most famous site for selling pre-loved designer handbags and it’s French-based. People seem to have different opinions about this site but this doesn’t change the fact that fake bags and other items were in fact sold on Vestiaire Collective. Apparently their return policy is very strict, but your credit card company and PayPal will protect you against fraud no matter what. Still, you may have to use an authentication service to prove you’ve been sold a counterfeit.

Marktplaats.nl – This site is less famous – as far as I’ve been told, it’s a Dutch site similar to eBay. The bag my friend found was €1100. I’ve seen replica Celine bags that are much better than this and also much cheaper! It’s crazy how people have the nerve to ask so much money for an average replica. Then she sent me a link of a Celine Mini Luggage replica that was being sold on an Italian site: Elusso.it. That one was also a fake.

So the thing is that these fake bags are not just on eBay, they are basically on any site that sells used luxury designer handbags, even though they claim to have zero-tolerance towards counterfeit items. Too bad they don’t always rise up to their policy. These types of stores cause innocent buyers to pay lots of money for worthless fakes that cannot be ethically resold. So buyers have to fight for their right by themselves. And oftentimes, buyers don’t even realize that they were sent a counterfeit, which is even worse!

I’m sure some of you will be shocked to find some of their favorite pre-loved luxury items site in this list. But again, they are here for a reason. People have complained about finding fake bags on each of these designer resale sites. And again, you can bet that not all the people that bought counterfeit items off these sites actually realized they were scammed.

So what should you do in this situation?

Well, you just need to be extra careful. You need to double-check any item, ask for as many detailed pictures as possible, check all the guides on how to spot fakes you can find and compare it with items you know for sure that are authentic. I know it’s not always easy to pay someone to authenticate the bag you are eyeing. I do my best to help anyone who asks for my help, but I gets tens of requests every day, so that’s really difficult, especially when you want me to answer the same day. So you really need to learn for yourself and study the bag you’re interested in closely. And if you are not a detail-oriented person who can notice differences, then ask a friend who is. I know it’s not ideal, but everything is better than getting ripped off.

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